Revi Goldwasser, Job Hunting Expert, is sought after for her insider knowledge and expertise on hiring trends, job hunting tips & strategies. She has been quoted in numerous media, including Chicago Tribune, NY Sun, & interviewed live on Fox Business News.  Having run her recruitment firm, Wall Street Personnel, Goldwasser has read hundreds of thousands of resumes, and spoken to 1000’s of job seekers in all aspects of finding a job.

She has now parlayed her insider expertise into an explosive online eCourse “On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED!” where she reveals her expertise on each aspect of the job search (Resume, Interview Prep, 25 Interview Q&A, Where to Find the Jobs, Application & Background Check, Offer and Resignation). Revi Goldwasser reveals her insider expertise on how to find a job and get the job done!

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Revi Goldwasser, six figure recruiter & job hunting expert has parlayed her 17 years expertise in the financial services recruitment space to educate and empower job seekers on how to find a job like a pro by sharing her sought after tips, secrets and knowledge via her podcasts, blog and online eCourse: On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED!

Goldwasser immigrated to San Diego with her family as a 9th grader from Hong Kong and Israel (via parents from Argentina and grandparents from Russia & Poland).  After graduating from San Diego State University with a degree in Finance, Goldwasser worked for several financial services firms and an immigration law firm in Los Angeles.  In 2000, after no one would hire her as Recruiter due to her lack of “sales experience” Goldwasser decided to launch her own firm and Wall Street Personnel was created from her 2nd bedroom at home while her 1 year old son was crawling around her feet.  She’s never looked back!

After 17 years in the recruitment space and experiencing hiring trends in both “boom and bust” market cycles, Goldwasser has now parlayed her niche experience to create a digital online eCourse entitled: On Your Marks, Get Set, HIRED! In this one of a kind eCourse, Goldwasser personally scripted 60 videos and 70 worksheets dissecting the entire job hunting process to include: The Resume; Interview Tips; 25 Interview Qs & As; Where are the Jobs; The Application & Background Check; Offer & Resignation.

Goldwasser’s mission is to educate and empower every single job seeker, professional and individual with not only the tools, tips, strategies and techniques of understanding how employers and hiring managers think when it comes to hiring “you” but to further push and motivate each of you to recognize your value and worth in a team, company, infrastructure and society as a whole. You’re worth it and don’t you forget it!

Goldwasser lives in Boca Raton, FL, with her teenage sons, Michael and Jacob. She balances her life with close friends, mahjongg, backgammon, the beach, travel and commits to a healthy state of mind and body through the practice of yoga, pilates and barre.


Goldwasser has been interviewed live on Fox Business and quoted in numerous media sources including, Sun Sentinel, Chicago Tribune, NY Sun and more.

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